Topographical Surveys

We undertake public surveys (Class A’ Degree in Surveying) in Category 16 (Geodetic, Photogrammetric, Cadastral, Topographic), either as direct contractors or as subcontractors (via private contracts), according to standard requirements and legislation.

Surveys in the context of Public Transport Projects

We are able to carry out public surveys (Class A’ Degree in Surveying) in Category 10 (Roads,Railways, Technical Projects, Airport Infrastructure, Traffic), either as direct contractors or as subcontractors (via private contracts), according to standard requirements and legislation.

Creation of Topographic Diagrams

The following topographic diagrams are created on the projective system (Hellenic Geodetic Reference System EGSA’87) according to the existing requirements, as well as on any other projective system according to the existing needs (e.g. HATT,TM3, etc.).

Issuance of Building Permits

The creation of a topographic diagram pursuant to the existing requirements and specifications of the Town Planning Services is essential for the issuance of a building permit.

Legalization of Illegal Buildings

We examine whether the creation of a topographic diagram is stipulated by the previous (Laws 4014/2011, 4178/2013) and existing legislation (Law 4495/2017 against illegal building). When a topographic diagram is required, we design it in line with existing legislation.

Legal Transactions pursuant to the existing legislation

We examine whether a topographic diagrams is required in order to carry out legal transactions.

Cadastral Use

We undertake the creation of topographic diagrams in order for them to be attached to the ownership declaration in the cadastral service aiming at defining the ownership boundaries as precisely as possible.

Forest Protection Services

We undertake the creation of topographic diagrams for the issuance of characterization deeds, certificates required by forest authorities, and generally anything which may be required by forest protection services regarding the ownership in each case.

Electronic Submission of Topographic Diagrams

The topographic diagrams which are registered in deeds and cadastral books are necessarily submitted electronically by an authorized engineer in the database of the National Cadastre.

Based on the above regulation, we undertake the electronic submission of topographic diagrams in line with the legal requirements of the National Cadastre.

Photogrammetric mapping using an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

We undertake the aerial photographing and precision mapping using photogrammetric methods, as well as the processing of the related data collected according to clients’ specifications (creation of orthophotomaps and digital terrain models, volume computation, etc.)

Building - construction inspections using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

We undertake the UAS-based inspection and aerial photography of buildings, various constructions, technical works etc., depending on clients’ needs (monitoring of technical works via photographs at regular intervals, investigation for possible material failure, potential damages, etc.)

Defining Ownership Boundaries (Implementation Planning Studies/ Distributions/ Land Redistributions)

We undertake to define ownership boundaries included in implementation planning studies, studies of distributions or land redistributions, having proper knowledge of the corresponding systems (HATT, TM3, EGSA’87) and all transformations among them, using modern scientific methods aimed at the best possible accuracy in the drawing and staking out processes.

Changes of Boundaries

We are able to carry out any changes in relation to the ownership boundaries (e.g. distributions among land owners, property partitions, property merging) inside the land parcels checking existing building rules and permissible land uses and taking all possible solutions according to the existing needs into consideration. We can make planning suggestions and stake out with precision, based on our yearlong experience.

Cadastral surveys

We undertake cadastral surveys for areas which have been defined under cadastral recording according to the existing requirements of the National Cadastre.

Creation of cadastral declarations

We undertake to create declarations of ownership for the National cadastre according to the existing requirements aiming at the best description of the declared ownerships and the proper recording of the data.

The proper registration of the data will entail the best recording as for the cadastral use avoiding all errors when it comes to defining the boundaries and the rights.

Drafting and submission of applications for correction of cadastral data and obvious errors

This is a period when land registration data (spatial and legal) to be registered in the database of the national cadastral register have been published in several areas of Greece. In various cases, errors and ambiguities have arisen during the process and it is deemed necessary to correct them, in order to correctly register the data in the cadastral database and avoid future problems. We undertake the drafting and submission of applications as well as communication with the respective land registry offices, so as to clarify and correct any errors.

Creation of diagrams for geometrical changes in the spatial data of property for the cadastral services

Since the beginning of the National Cadastre (it varies from one prefecture of the Greek territory to the other) changes of ownership boundaries (either with adjacent parcels or inside the same parcel) are submitted to the database of the National cadastre. For this submission the creation of diagrams for geometrical changes is required. Consequently, being aware of the existing requirements we undertake the creation of diagrams for geometrical changes and in agreement with the National Cadastre we carry out the essential spatial change.

Electronic submission of Diagrams for Geometrical changes of spatial data

We undertake the electronic submission of diagrams for geometrical changes which are submitted along with the registration applications of deeds in the cadastral books and the applications for the correction of geometrical data according to the existing legislation.

Support for the construction sites (Surveying, staking out, volumetric measurements etc.)

We undertake the support for Construction Sites, Technical works (Road Works, Tunnels, Bridges, Quarries, Parks of renewable sources of energy etc.) even on a daily basis if it is required providing all services (Surveying, Staking out, Volumetric Measurements etc.) of high quality and consistency.

Stake out for metal buildings-constructions

Using our rich experience and the necessary technical equipment, which guarantee the achievement of the specified limits of precision, we undertake to stake out the foundations of metal buildings and constructions on the ground (or wherever necessary) and offer guidance up to the stage of installation.

Creation of digital terrain Models (DTM)

Having acquired the most proper expertise on the high quality surveying in the field by using the most appropriate equipment and software we are able to create digital terrain Models (DTM) according to the required accuracy in each case.

Regulations - Legalization of arbitrary constructions by the Law 4495/2017

Since September 2011 when the first law against arbitrary building was enacted (4014/2011), and after the following law (4178/2013) and the one which exists up today (4495/2017), our office can undertake the process of legalization for all arbitrary properties and generally any relevant irregularities and the issuation of legality certificate in order to comply with the existing property legalization law requirements.

3D face measurements of buildings

We undertake 3D face measurements of buildings for all uses (e.g. legalizations, building restoration studies, health services permits etc.)

Submission of objections regarding the forest maps

We are under the period throughout which in several regions of the Greek territory the forest maps have been posted in order for anyone to submit objections as for the character which has been given to these areas of land, the examination and the final ratification of forest maps after the end of the procedure.

Our office can undertake the submission of objections as for the forest maps for the characterization of ownerships and their exclusion of the forest legislation.

We are able to define the ownership boundaries precisely and offer our consultancy to the owner according to each case and each characterization.

Creation of expertise

There have been cases of dispute whose settlements requires the scientific and specialized knowledge of a surveying engineer. In these cases we can create the proper expertise by professionals who are suitable for this field in order to find the best solution. We can undertake the creation of expertise after court summon and we participate in the lists of experts of the Court of the First Instance and the Technical Chamber (Department of Epirus).

Certificates by an engineer (or certificates for transfers of property)

Since the entry into force of the law for arbitrary constructions (2011) and consequently since the entry into force of the existing law 4495/2017 in all legal transactions a certificate by an engineer is attached which can assure under which circumstances the transfer of property can be conducted. Our office can issue certificates by an engineer carrying out the proper inspection and checking if the specific building can comply with existing legislation.

Services of technical consultant

In several cases the useful contribution by an experienced professional is valuable to settle all types of issues which may arise. Based on our experience, we are able to provide services of technical consultant as for the knowledge in the field of the surveying engineer:

– In cases of purchasing and selling as for instance in the defining of boundaries, land uses and generally building rules in order to avoid unsuccessful investments.

– In cases where the budget planning is required for a study in order to reach the most advantageous offer or even in a late stage during the supervision of the study so as to stay within the present budget limits.

– In cases in which expert reports are conducted where apart from the authorized expert appointed by the law, each side can appoint their own technical consultant who will create his own report aiming at claiming the requested issues in each case and this report will be taken into account as for the final decision.